Association for Protection of Child Labour

APCL is a non-government organisation providing support to Street and Working Children in the areas of education, nutrition, psychological and physical health support.

The centre looks after up to 450+ children at any one time and has multiple needs.

Primary Needs

Their primary need is the day to day cost of running the centre, the main cost being education, which is entirely dependent on donations. Basic costs are outlined at just under £50,000 per annum. This works out @ £2 per child per week.

Their other primary need (2010) was the maintenance of the unsafe structure of the buildings, which are very old (Kolangi). However, there is no alternative for APCL but to continue using the building (by the children and staff), until sufficient funds become available for re-location and re-development. Funds needed for relocation of the "entire children centre" to another local building (estimated cost £20,000) + Funds for redevelopment of the centre is estimated at £100,000 + funds to purchase one or two of the neighbouring houses (prior to re-development) (anticipated cost £80,000 each property).

Funds Raised:

1. 2009/2010 - our Trustees, along with the management of the centre identified that their next essential item of need was to refurbish and re-stock their library and drop in centre. Total revamp of the library room and desks, chairs, bookshelves and other equipment + re stocking of library books was carried out at the cost of £3,212.

At the same time, the following items were also addressed: purchase of educational toys; one laptop for use by staff and children+ A digital photographic camera was also donated for the children to borrow to use; contribution towards funding for a deposit to accommodate a family of two children (aged below 5 yrs) that were evicted, the parents were drug addicts and there was a danger that the children would be taken in to care otherwise + contributions for food for New Year celebrations.

Other projects were pursued, but did not have sufficient funds - such as an annual photo diary for each child + pottery making equipment for skills training for the teenagers at the centre.

2. 2012 - donation of £1500 for education of the children and £1500 for housing support for recovering adict youth.

Fund raising for Street and Working Children is to be carried out at Sizda Bedar (London) each year.

You can visit their website at www.apcl.org.ir




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