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Primary School Teachers Project in Fnojj village

One of the educational problems in deprived villages in Iran is the use of low-level forces or forces requiring specialized training courses in spite of having a high degree of service, due to low academic records or constant changes in the content of textbooks. Iranian children's charity believes that teachers are the most important factor in producing knowledge and the most important educational capital. Hence, the first step in turning schools into effective learning organizations is the empowerment and advancement of human resources active in this field.
The children's charity of Iran, with the advance of this goal, has studied the schools of Fonoj as the first center for the implementation of this plan. Fonoj is an area of 7773 square kilometers in Sistan and Baluchistan province, 550 kilometers from the center of the province.
The initial plan will include Fonoj Primary Schools and, if successful, will be implemented at higher levels. So the current target community is preschoolers and elementary students.
The Iranian Children's Charity Team has recently visited the city to evaluate the training needs of Fonoj. A brief report of the first visit of the children's charitable charity to Fonoj is as follows:

1. Initial Census
- The number of preschool students in this city is 1398, elementary school students are 8151, and the number of teachers is 477 (300 male teachers and 177 female teachers).
- Of these teachers, 10 have diplomas, 151 undergraduates, 306 undergraduate students, and 10 master's degrees.
- Of these, 35 were college students, 49 were purchasers of educational services, 69 were recruited from the MehrAffrin project (Literacy Movement) and 21 were recruited in the 92 year test.

2. Visiting Mareh village village elementary school
- Identify the need of this school for the sanitary and heating system. Meeting this need was coordinated with the education authorities on the agenda.
- Providing shoes for elementary school students

3. Visit the school of martyrs of Haft e tir
- The school principal provided her uniform with all her students' personal rights.
- One of the requirements of this school is the lack of educational space. Outdoor preschoolers studying in the winter is problematic.
- The school is leased and there is a serious need for school building.

4. Visit the school of Thirteen Aban village of Ptakan
5. Visiting Tahti school in Dargas village
6. Visiting Mirza Reza Kermani School
7. A visit from Kowsar 2 village of Qawrkan
- This school is a copry school
- There is a two-room building in this village, built by one of the schoolchildren, but it is a semi-detached building and is in need of funding.

8. Visit the village of Ramak
- A meeting was held to discuss the educational problems of the city with the participation of the Children's Charity Team of Iran and a number of teachers and administrators of Fennoji Education in the village.
- Teachers say the most problems are in the field of Persian language courses and mathematics, and teachers in this field need further education.

9. Visiting Farzanegan school in the morning
10. Visiting Zaynab Kobra Girl's School Girl's School
- The 24-hour needs include books and shelves, 36,000-liter water storage (at an estimated cost of 10 million USD), metal soles and beds, vacuum cleaners, sports equipment and board boards.




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