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Mofid hospital admits 

  • 155,000 outpatients annually
  • 13,000 bed admissions
  • 5080 of which require operations

Iran's Children Charity has supported the following equipment projects.

Panah Trust - offers sponsorship for children with medical needs.

  1. Project 1 – Key Hole Surgical Equipment 2011

  2. Project 2 – Drill and Saw equipment 2013

  3. Project 3 Stryker Brain Navigator 2014 

Project 1: Keyhole Laproscopic equipment from Karl Storz of Germany 2011 (costing £54,979).


New Laproscopic EquipmentOperation using the new equipment

Key Hole Surgical Equipment was of utmost importance for Mofid Pediatric Hospital, where children would benefit from the reduced risk of surgeries.  The risk of fatalities can also be reduced as a result of reduced use of anesthetics during the operation and reduced infection, costs and recovery time.

It was estimated that 350 to 400 of the operations would annually benefit from the Laparoscopic equipment for Tracheoscopy Arthroscopy and Neuroendroscopy.  The funds were raised through our “In Search of Simorgh” and a kind donation of an anonymous donor of over £17,000.

The equipment was delivered to the hospital in January 2012.  Link to letter from Hospital



A short video taken at Mofid Hospital, (Click here to view the video) of one of the example operations carried out regularly using the equipment provided by Iran’s Children Charity.  Here is a young boy who was admitted to Mofid hospital with stomach pain and had been diagnosed with appendicitis.  The video shows that the operation itself takes less than 5 minutes and the patient had returned home at the end of the day, with only 2cm stitched cut to his stomach. The equipment also allowed the appendix to be removed using a special sealer, hence without bleeding.

Dialogue of the video clip:

Mother: "My son has had 3 days of stomach pains and no appetite.  He was admitted last night and diagnosed with appendicitis.  It was decided to use the Key-Hole surgical method, where there is no need for an open operation, using a small incision, a laparoscopic guide tube and I appreciate they are using this method on my son."

Son: [Why did you come to the hospital] – "because I was feeling sick, with stomach ache and diarrhoea. I came here to Mofid Hospital and was told that I have appendicitis and it is to be removed using special equipment."


Project 2: Stryker 6 Precision Surgical Drill and Saw Set 2013 (£37,430)


This equipment was essential for cutting and accessing areas required in major cranial and bone surgeries,  to minimize damage to bones and surrounding tissues, and supports early recovery, particularly for infants and children.

The funds were raised with a combination of £4,000 donations from British Iranian Medical Association (BIMA) during their .........  event, another $5,000 anonymous donation and funds raised through ICC charity events.  


Project 3: Stryker Brain Navigator 2014 £202,543


Brain Navigator

This equipment was essential for cranial surgeries such as brain tumours and epilepsy.  The importance of this equipment was that the hospital carries out over 100 operations annually “blind” as they did not know where a tumour was or what issues they may face during a cranial operation.   A “Brain Navigator” brings confidence in advance of operations and precision quality during the operations.

Iran’s Children Charity proudly announces that since our Gala event in November 2011, when we first started raising funds and the Sizda Bedar Event in April 2012, now two and half years of efforts later, we managed to secure the purchase of a Stryker Brain Navigator in 2014, valued at $321,570.

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