Shahid Bagheri Orphanage

Children in orphanages are not necessarily placed in such centres as a result of lack of parents, but also include children from bad situations where the state deems it unsafe to leave the children with their parents due to use of drugs, abuse or neglect.  One such centre which ICC has been supporting during the past 8 years has been the Shahid Haj Bagheri (orphanage) Youth and Teenage Centre. This  is a residential centre which looks after approximately 24 to 30 boys aged 13 to 18. The centre is a residential centre, that continues to support the young adults even after they leave care.  Most of the teenagers leave school at 18 to get jobs, but job opportunities are very limited and their skills are very basic.  The charity is looking to concentrate on education programs for the staff, carers and the teenagers of the centre for child protection and apprenticeship in due course. 


This centre does need support in a range of areas: 

a) Food, clothing, shoes 

b) equipment for the centre such as washing machine, air conditioning

c) structural and refurbishment 

d) education and excursion support 

e) provision of sports facilities and equipment.


Funding and support of ICC to date:

Age appropriate Library and educational Books

Konkoor classes for 2 pupils

Refurbishment of their residence (cupboards, walls, paiting and repairing)

Repair of sports equipment, table tennis, equipment badminton, football,

External astroturn and conversion of car park to football ground with lighting.

Shoes for Eidi

Money for Eidi (and/ or spending money for New Year and Summer holiday excursions)

Funds for transport (Coach) for New Year and Summer holiday excursions.

Iranian New Year 1395 (March 2016) paid for New Year Eidi (£300) / spending money & coach excursion (£700)

Iranian New Year 1396 (March 2017) £920 paid for coach for Eid Nowrooz excursion.

Year: From 2009 till now

Location: Tehran






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