• Change a child's life
    Sponsor a child or one of our projects to help a child move beyond the stigma of poverty, and through supporting their education you can give that child the tools to reach his or her true and full potential.
    Change a child's life
  • #Enough_Pain!
    "Enough Pain" is a campaign to educate Street and Working children who are at a greater risk of infection from HIV and Aids. Iran's Children Charity is resolute to provide workshops to educate at least 1000 teenage Street and Working children in HIV prevention and to support them with testing and treatment. Every £5 donation will fund protection of one teenager from the added pain of HIV being inflicted on their young lives.
  • Kamran's 3000 km Trek for Iranian Children
    Kamran's 3000 km Trek for Iranian Children
  • Make the future happy for them
    Make the future happy for them
  • #Enough_Pain!
    The fundraising for this campaign has ended and the target was exceeded! We raised £5,417 (7030 USD or 270,838,000 Rial), enough to educate 1084 street and working teenagers bout HIV prevention. We will post further updates regarding these workshops soon. Thank you for your support!


Iran’s Children Charity is an NGO, with no funding or connection to any government organizations.

Iran’s children charity support “children in need” within Iran, irrespective of race, religion, nationality or gender by providing educational, medical, nutrition support and shelter for them.

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